Getting Started

MURAL enables digital collaboration through whiteboarding and other collaborative tools. With Clayboard, you can embed a MURAL board into your agenda, allowing you and your participants to work together during a live workshop.

Before getting started, please make sure to sign up for a MURAL account.

Adding a mural board

To add MURAL to your workshop session, go to your Clayboard dashboard and create a new session or edit an existing session.

On your Edit Session page, click Add Block to Agenda and select MURAL.

Click Select a Mural board

This will open a popup window in MURAL prompting you to sign in. After signing in, the popup window will close and a mural picker will appear.

Select the mural that you want to integrate into your agenda.

This is all you need to add a mural into your agenda! Feel free to add other blocks to create your full agenda, then click Save & Close to save your changes.

Using your mural board in a live session

When you are ready to hold your session, click Join Event on your session from your dashboard.

During your session, your agenda is displayed in the left sidebar. Click your mural agenda item to start collaborating.

That's it! You and your participants are now working on a mural board in a live session.


How will my participants appear inside the mural board?

By default, your participants will join the board as a visitor (if visitors are allowed). If a user has a MURAL account and is signed in through the MURAL website on the same browser, then the user will appear under their account name.

Why are my participants are seeing an access denied message instead of my mural board?

If your participants see an access denied message, then your board's access settings restrict visitors. Please see MURAL's article to set your board permissions. For example, to allow all your participant's to edit your board without a MURAL account, make sure to give visitors edit access.

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